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The foundation of the Stuttgarter Hymnus Boys' Choir in 1900 is based on an initiative of the swabian entrepreneur Paul von Lechler.
Examples where the Thomaner Choir of Leipzig and the Cross Choir of Dresden. After the re-foundation in 1946 the Hymnus Boys' Choir soon reached an artistic level under the leadership of professor Gerhard Wilhelm, who was the choirmaster until 1987, that was recognized far beyond the country borders.
Under Eckhard Weyand, Hanns-Friedrich Kunz and since 2010 under Rainer Johannes Homburg the choir was on succesful concert tours in Germany and other european countries.
Nevertheless churches and concert halls in Baden-Wuerttemberg are the centre of their public appearances.
The Hymnus Boys' Choir from Stuttgart has a broad repertory of spiritual vocal music. Parallel to the concerts the musical-liturgical arrangments ofmasses has a special meaning for them.
The ca. 170 boys and 30 young men rehearse in Stuttgart on the Birkenwaldstrasse, because the Hymnus Choir has no boarding school. The singers live with their parents and go to school in their hometown.
The boys start to learn easily reading notes and dealing with musical basics at an age of seven or eight years. Gradually the boys are introduced to the literatur of the concert choir. Skilled voice artists support the singers in single education lessons.



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Every boy who enjoys singing is heartly welcome everytime.
A very good time to join would be the second school class.
Interested boys and parents are invited to visit rehearsals
of the Hymnus Boy's Choir in Stuttgart.
We ask for a short notice by phone.
Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben
Birkenwaldstr. 98
70191 Stuttgart
Tel.: + 49 711 259 404 - 0
Fax.: +49 711 259 404 -19